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Why makeup? Who cares? 

And what has it got to do with empowering and educating women and transforming lives?

It’s not just about makeup, which is so normal in our culture, and for many of us simply a form of self-expression.

It’s about freedom.

The freedom to choose, the freedom to question, and a chance to express gratitude for these freedoms we’re afforded, by supporting those who have less. 

There’s a lot of things normalised in our world that we participate in without question. Sometimes it’s interesting to step back from those things, and be given permission to try an alternative.

We love makeup, we love the freedom of expression it offers us, we love the shared experience, and we love that it’s finally accessible to a much more diverse collection of people.

Painting by Bruce Holwerda

But for some of us, and increasingly for girls growing up exposed to so many expectations of “beauty”, there’s a pressure to change the way we look. This an opportunity to remind our girls who we are and what we do with our lives is what makes us beautiful.

This isn’t a war on makeup, it’s just a break. To see if we feel differently about the face that looks back at us in the mirror each morning.

It's a chance to understand what it is to love ourselves both with and without makeup. To see if this seemingly insignificant daily ritual impacts how we think or feel.

And perhaps most importantly, to give up something not entirely necessary, to offer something very necessary to another. 

That’s what we’re hoping for. A month to nurture and support women, a month to celebrate the diversity of our beauty. A month that brings us together.

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About the Human Kind Project

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Jacinta McDonell, the Human Kind Project helps transform lives and communities around the world through vital education, health and microfinance initiatives to empower women.

Working with some of the most impactful, grass roots not for profit organisations in the world, Human Kind Project has joined in support of the 193 world leaders committed to ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and ending world hunger by 2030.

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