Zoe Cetinich

I’m going Makefree!

This May I’m going makeup free to raise money for the Human Kind Project, educating and empowering women and transforming lives and communities around the world.

Please don't mistake my participation in this campaign as an action against wearing make-up. I really enjoy wearing makeup, for a number of reasons. When I wrote them down it was interesting to discover that many of them contradicted each other.  For example, I have used makeup to hide my insecurities, but also used it to express myself. I have used it as a way to blend in and conform to social norms, but would also use it as a way to stand out and make an impression. These inconsistencies really made me question whether I was truly wearing make-up for myself or if it was a behavior influenced by my external environment and society.  

The last reason I listed for wearing makeup is why I have decided to go makeup free in May. Have you ever gone to a job interview without wearing make-up? I have not. I have used make-up as a way to appear more professional in the workplace, which seems so ridiculous and degrading. I know that I do not need makeup to perform better at my job and it definitely should not make a difference to the way my colleagues perceive me within the workplace environment. 

On a personal level, I am choosing to be makeup free in May to feel empowered and confident that I do not need make-up to be a respected professional. I can achieve that merit based on my intelligence, strong work ethic and professional conduct. I hope that my actions can encourage others to challenge the status quo for women in the workplace. 

On a larger scale, my actions will be symbolic of opposing the social and cultural constructs that marginalise many women around the world and deprive them of their freedom to express their social, economic and political rights. 

Join me in this movement or help me raise $2,500. This money will go towards empowering disadvantaged women in Africa to run successful local businesses in their community, to sustain an income that will support their families. Next time you go to purchase makeup, donate to this cause instead and feel empowered within your own choice to be makeup free. 

Thank you to my Sponsors




Jeniffer Leonard


Julie Cetinich

Proud of you xo


Toneeya Carbone

Lucklily there are people doing what you do and caring as much as you care!


Vicky Pentney

Love this girls passion and enthusiasm around making the world a better place to live . The world needs more people like Zoe !