Sarah Sheppard

Makeup free

I thought this challenge would be really easy for me to go the "whole hog" so to speak as I have never worn much makeup.

A fancy night out, I may wear eyeliner, mascara, tinted moisturiser and a but of lippy otherwise I am a tinted moisturiser, mascara and sometimes lippy for some work appointments (mood depending) and that is about it.

I have a black tie function Friday 3rd of May and this is an annual awards event that I look forward too every year - and I hope to be up on stage collecting an award at some stage - so I have tossed and turned and I am definitely going make up free to this - but I am a little self concious about it - which I am totally surprised by.


Ive noticed many likes and loves on my facebook post about this challenge however not one single person is weilling to join me - no doubt for similar self consious reasons/comfort zone etc.

There is something wrong with this - why should we feel the need to have to wear makeup? I am no less of a person with or without my makeup and neither are you.

Despite the above - the cause is amazing. Please throw a few bucks in towards teh cause but mroe importantly - stop and think about it - even just for a moment and then my job is done :)


Have an awesome day xo

I’m going Makefree!

This May I’ll be wearing no makeup (other than mascara) every day to raise money for the Human Kind Project, educating and empowering women and transforming lives and communities around the world.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Property Presentation Plus

Well done - I’m too old to attempt this but good on you!!!


Sarah Sheppard


Belynda Nairn

Good on you Sarah, you don’t need it anyway xx