Montanah Britton

I’m going Makefree!

This May I’m going makeup free to raise money for the Human Kind Project, educating and empowering women and transforming lives and communities around the world. As a makeup artist I am used to wearing a full face of makeup every single day and over the years I started to hate seeing myself without it. But for the month of May I am going makeup free! (I have 2 events I need to wear makeup for but for each event will donate $20) Please help me by donating to this powerful cause and make a difference. $500 can help to teach 20 women how to read and write, opening their worlds up to gender equality and their basic human rights. Every little bit counts! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tyler S


Aimee L

Well done girl. That’s a cause I can get behind x



Love this! 100% support empowering women.