AGEING IS A LUXURY - We should embrace ourselves FULLY.

This May going makeupfree is about:

FREEDOM  - Freedom to be me, gratitude for the freedom that we have through the opportunities we are afforded every day that not everyone has.

FREEDOM – to choose, how I show up, how I look and define what I am and what I will become – and share this opportunity of freedom with women and girls that don’t have access to it.

LESS NOT MORE - We need less not more.  I will simply be me for 1 month and give an opportunity to another woman or girl.

WE ARE ENOUGH -   Fulfillment is in being ourselves, connecting to others and being ourselves authentically. Sharing this connection. Needing Less is giving more.

AND. . . 

For me it’s also about not trying to be like everyone else, not trying to look like others.

Establishing a sense of self that I am comfortable with no matter what is happening around me.

A sense of peace within myself that I am being who I want to be … not trying to look like I am something other than me.

Knowing that I am enough – and as I age and that I don’t need to look like I did when I was 20 or even 30 (and actually nor do I want to!)

 Join me and find some FREEDOM.

I’m going Makefree!

This May I’ll be wearing less makeup every week until I’m makeup free, to raise money for the Human Kind Project, educating and empowering women and transforming lives and communities around the world.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Wendy Donaldson

Continuing to be an inspiration, thank you for sharing your raw beauty for the greater good x


Jacinta Mcdonell


Suzanne Bocking

Go Jac. So proud of the difference you make and the amazing person you are.


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