Emma Hilditch

I’m going Makefree!

This May I’m going makeup free to raise money for the Human Kind Project, educating and empowering women and transforming lives and communities around the world.

So every day in May, I will venture out into the world makeup free, uncensored and unedited. It’s not about being anti-makeup, I love makeup! It’s just an opportunity to live differently for a month and celebrate the faces we were born with.

I don't envy girls growing up in the world of social media. So much emphasis on physical appearance in a world where there is so much opportunity to alter, edit and create entirely new versions of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make ourselves feel more confident, attractive or just enjoying makeup as an art form and a form of self-expression. I have nothing against it, but there is undeniably an underlying problem of poor self-esteem in women relating to body image due to the enormous pressure put on us from every aspect of our lives these days telling us that we have to be beautiful and look a certain way in order to be successful. Hopefully Makefree May will just make us stop and consider all the other things that make us beautiful, apart from our appearance.

If you would like to make a contribution to this cause to support the Human Kind Project https://humankindproject.org.au/, I’d love your support. So please make a donation if you can, no matter how small, everything makes a difference and please spread the word.

Emma x

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tiff Manuell

Great cause Em. Xxxx


Emma Hilditch


Kate Ness

Wonderful cause Em xx


Aaron Lee

Well done Emma all for a great cause . Legend 👌


Sam Altorfer

Good stuff Hilds


Sara Corpe

Well done gorgeous...xxx


Sophie Parkinson

Awesome Hild!! 😍😍👏👏


Ellen Beames


Susie Corpe

Great stuff beautiful girl. Love your work xxx


Bec Randall-smith

Inspiring Em! Brilliant cause.


Georgie Reid


David Henderson

Love your passion Em. I'm going to join you for the rest of the month xx


Kendy Beal

Well done Emma 👏


Bryan Slavin

Well done Emma! x


Annie Henderson

Brilliant Em 😊❤️