Do I have to give up makeup entirely?

No you don't. You can choose how you want to participate:

1. Go all free:

Go completely makeup free for the month of May.

2. Step by step:

Ease on in, giving up something week by week, going all free in the last week of May.

3. Give up something:

Choose one thing to go without for the month of May (mascara, lipstick, foundation, etc)

Your face, your choice.

Be kind to yourself. Do what feels right. Think of it as a way to use a little less and give a little more.

Do I have to share photos of myself without makeup on social media?

 Nope! This isn’t about baring all for the internet, it’s not an Instagram ‘good-lighting’ challenge. It’s an opportunity to experience yourself in a different way, to think a little on what that means for you and the girls in our world, to feel grateful for this freedom of choice, and to raise money to empower women who don’t have such freedom. It’s about waking up and falling in love with the face that looks back at you in the mirror. And maybe shifting some expectations.

But you can share your experience if you like, your stories and your thoughts, you can inspire other women to think about this, to donate or join you. You can connect with others through #MakefreeMay, encourage and champion them. We’d love to build a community of supportive humans who are sharing the love and moving through this experience together.

Do what feels right and good for you.

Why makeup?

There’s a lot of things normalised in our world that we participate in without question. Sometimes it’s interesting to step back from those things, to be given permission to try an alternative, and to see how it feels. We love makeup, we love the freedom of expression it offers us, we love the shared experience, and we love that it’s finally accessible to a much more diverse collection of people.

But for some of us, and increasingly for girls growing up exposed to so many expectations of “beauty”, there’s a pressure to change the way we look.

This an opportunity to remind our girls that who we are and what we do with our lives is what makes us beautiful.

This isn’t a war on makeup, it’s just a break. To see if we feel differently about the face we were born with. And to take a moment to forgo something that isn’t as necessary as it perhaps feels, to offer something very necessary and life-changing to another.

What can men do?

Men are welcome to go makefree too. Or perhaps reflect on why that is such a different proposition. They are welcome to love and champion and support the women in their lives who are going makefree, and equally love and champion and support the women who aren't. They are welcome to donate to the Human Kind Project. They are welcome to help shift unrealistic expectations of beauty.